Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bottle Service with that Social Media

One of my favorite social media videos remains this one by Socialnomics.  I must admit that I get quite pumped up after watching and listening to this video by Erik Qualman.  Erik put together one of the best business-related videos ever!  This explains why this video has gone viral and has provided such a tremendous boost to Erik's company.

I've attended and participated in more social media events than I can recall.  In so many of these I hear talk about going "viral."  For social media marketers, including those that represent banks, this represents the holy grail.  The reality is that very (very) few initiatives will ever reach "viral" status.

I like to use this video as example of what it takes to get an initiative to go viral.  The visuals of this video along with the beats made for an emotionally-charged video that encouraged not only sharing, but repeated viewing.  The combination of music and visuals created an emotional charge among viewers, almost turning viewers into Viral Zombies.  Viewers have no choice but to share this video (I'm sharing, aren't I!).

I don't mean to discourage organizations from seeking the holy grail of social media sharing.  I just want to make sure that it is understood that social media is about being "social."  And before anything is shared - especially at the "viral" level - it must appeal to the social side of our existence.  In this case, viewers of the video get their blood pumping, head moving, feet tapping.  Watching people watching this video is almost like watching Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan in A Night at the Roxbury.

So before launching the next "big" social media initiative ask yourself how it will make people feel.  If it makes them feel significantly happy, sad, proud, etc., then it has a chance at spreading.  If it doesn't then don't expect much from it because no one will care.

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