Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Don't Make These Mistakes!

Diane Charton, managing director at Acceleration Media, provided these five gems to avoid in administering a social media program in a blog post at The Media Online.

1. Inauthenticity

Customers expect authenticity from the organizations with which they interact. Don't pretend to be something that you are not. Inject genuine passion and care for your customers into your social media content.

2. Thinking that you’re bullet proof

Brands and their managers need to be aware that they are not invincible online.  Identify your weak spots and be ready to communicate about them in a proactive manner when trouble hits.

3. Failing to plan and acting before you think

Have a social media plan and some sort of process for publishing content through social channels.  Have clear plans about how to respond to a range of queries and situations in order to act quickly but intelligently.

4. Imagining customers are not talking about you

People will be talking about your business whether you are there to reply to them or not. It is far better to be able to monitor the conversation and to reply if and when appropriate. This allows you to help shape the conversation about your brand and to learn a great deal about your customers in the process.

5. Making customers look for you

Set up a presence in as many of the major social media channels as possible and to then market through the ones where you would prefer customers to engage with you.

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