Monday, September 12, 2011

Wells Fargo Provides College Students with Motherly (Fatherly) Advice

Wells Fargo is attempting to be less "corporate" and more "human" in a recent campaign to reach out to college-aged students.  The bank has offered up 10 tips for college students to protect themselves. 

According to Cristie Drumm, spokeswoman for Wells Fargo in Denver,“people ages 18 to 24 take nearly twice as long to detect fraud before other age groups.  We want to help our customers protect themselves from identity theft. It’s a constant and growing problem.”

For example, young people also tend to “overshare” on social media, so it wouldn’t hurt to remind them that fraudsters often get access to private information via Facebook.  Wells' advice to students: don’t over share. Social media is increasingly popular, but it’s a good idea to keep personal information private. Fraudsters can use personal information such as birth date, mother’s maiden name and pet’s name, to help gain access to an account. Also, it’s a good idea to keep other information private such as mobile and home phone numbers; email address; and dorm, apartment and home addresses.

This is a great example of a bank sharing important lessons of social media use.  Other tips should be Post It Once, View It Forever.  Youth need to know that the Internet is forever and that any photos, comments, videos and other information posted today can lead to serious ramifications in the future.

See the complete list of advice here.

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